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“Wonder Russell is no stranger to me. Having seen her work in numerous festival shorts and features, she is always a welcome addition to any cast, and THIS IS OURS is no different. As Sandy, she is dichotomous. Confident, lost, naive and coquettish all rolled into one – a girl trying to find her way and nor afraid to admit her dreams or her trepidations. ”
Review of This Is Ours

“Wonder Russell plays Shield Maiden with a simmering petulance and bitterness, and it’s probably the most consistent performance of the series.”
-Review of The Collectibles

“Your performance in This Is Ours was incredible! You are a shining star! You have remarkable depth and range.  Heart felt and powerful.”
– Filmmaker/Producer Jenn George, Coffee N Donutz Productions

“Wonder has become a go-to girl for this writer-director. Very easy to work with and fun as hell, plus great at her craft.”
– Filmmaker/Director Todd Downing, The Collectibles

“She’s f’ing amazing.”
– Filmmaker/Director Kris Boustedt, This Is Ours

“Russell has a powerful stage presence which makes it hard not to watch her even while the other characters are speaking. … Russell succeeds nearly flawlessly in handling the role’s central challenge, which is to swing instantly from love to resentment and from hope to despair (and countless stops in between), often in the course of the same conversation.”
– Jim Kershner, The Spokesman-Review

“I don’t do #ff, but if you aren’t following @bellawonder, then you fail at Twitter.”
– Filmmaker/Director Lucas McNelly, A Year Without Rent

“Incredibly impressed w/ @bellawonder today on @filmcourage. Well spoken, insightful, & really intelligent. A young woman with a bright future.”
– Filmmaker Marty Lang, Rising Star

@bellawonder is doing work and telling folks how to do their job. You’re like the Green Lantern of the independent film industry.”
– Filmmaker Henry McComas, Crooked Lake Productions


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  1. could you be any cooler? inspiring. very inspiring. break a leg.


  2. can you be any cooler? inspiring. Very inspiring.Break a leg.

  3. Steve Harshfield

    Hey Wonder – For many reasons, I’ve recently relocated to the Seattle area and would love to take you out for lunch or coffee to pick your brain about the biz in the great Northwest. Lemme know when you have some time!!

  4. Dear Wonder,

    Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers continually. Your Dad was a blessing to myself and to so many I know.


  5. Wonder, Happy New Year! Had a great lunch with Mom in DC and we talked about how amazingly talented you are and how it is just a matter of time before you break through the “cine cieling”. I love reading your website as I see a lot of your Dad in it. Don’t give up and be the Superstar that we all know you are!

    Roy Barnett

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