Breaking through

I hit my hourly limit on Twitter without tweeting.

I’ve been cleaning up lists; adding people, changing them around, updating. Cleaning house. Blocking dead or dummy followers thanks to TwerpScan.

Cleaning house.

I clean when I’m anxious or stressed.  If I can bring organization out of chaos, even on a very tiny scale, it’s soothing.

Yesterday I found out my boyfriend’s job is moving him to Denver, CO, my Grandma in California is quickly going downhill and I need to fly out immediately if I want to say goodbye, and I got the details on my Breakthrough Star audition. All of this just days prior to flying to L.A. for two film festivals showing Connect To, and working my PR brains out at the giant gaming conference E3.

My schedule now looks like this:

Saturday, Chico/Sacramento to see my Grandma.
Monday, Seattle for a few hours.
Tuesday, L.A. for audition.
Wednesday, fly home to Seattle, work, Film Night at Neumos.
Thursday, fly to L.A. for the opening of Dances With Films and the Mosaic L.A. Film Festival.
Monday, start work for E3.
Thursday the 9th, fly home to Seattle.


First things first: I scrapped my Memorial Day plans and got a mileage ticket down to Sacramento to see my Grandma. She asked if I was bringing her great-grandog, Falcor, so I made an emergency session at the vet to get his health certificate today. I finalized all the posters and flyers of Connect To that I’ll be handing out in L.A. an Seattle prior to its screenings, since I won’t be able to do that over the weekend. I got my head shots in order for my audition.

I watered my plants. Coming home to dead plants is not welcoming.

I packed.

I stressed. I prayed.

I set up this WordPress account. Heck, sometimes you just need to keep the ball rolling. 🙂

Underneath the flustered grappling with life’s curveballs, I’m still girlishly happy about my upcoming audition with Diverse Talent Group. I’ve flung probably hundreds of headshots and resumes to L.A. talent groups without so much as a ripple. Not even a little kerplink! But this time, a real live, bonafide agency is going to look at me, me me. Me! Auditioning for a top agency! I waffle between giddy hopefulness and trying to protect my heart by acting indifferent.

But seriously – take a look. This isn’t a fifteen minute cattle call. This is a hell of an opportunity:


Breakthrough Star – Final Audition

Congratulations Finalists!

We have been working hard to set up your live auditions on Tuesday May 31st.

Your call times are:
10:00 – Diana Henzler
10:30 – Kris Park
11:00 – Melissa Goad
11:30 – Ross Kidder
12:00 – Wonder Russell
Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled call time. You can expect to be finished by 3:30pm

The itinerary is as follows:
10:00 – 12:30: Individual interviews with Please be prepared to give a short interview about your experience so far.
12:30 – 1:30: Lunch. We will provide you a cash stipend for you to eat lunch at a local restaurant of your choice.
1:45 – 2:45: Auditions with Diverse Talent Agency and Emmy award winning Casting Director Mark Teschner.
2:45 – 3:15: Individual meetings with Diverse Agents
3:15 – 3:30: Thanks and dismissal

Thank you again for your wonderful participation on and good luck to each of you!


I’m breaking through my own web of uncertainty by holding onto this opportunity. I’m going to have a voice as an Actor (and I’m the only finalist not from L.A.!) that will taken seriously. If nothing else, for the first time ever I’ll stand in front of the decision makers and gatekeepers of my dream, and confidently present…myself.

The future looks to me like a roiling, turbulent sea. I don’t know which way the storm will take me. But breaking through the thunder is this ray of light and hope.

I can’t wait to break in.

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