The Sound of our Vision

People who’ve seen the first 8 minutes of Summer Home said…

“Wow. All I can say is, wow. It was reallllyy hard for me not to outright sob throughout. Can’t explain why either. Really excellent work you guys. So intimate.” – Lisa Coronado

“um. can i just say i love it? you are making me all gushy while i was taking a break from mixing a hard core rap rekkerd? i’ve now lost all my edge? i’m losing my composure and battle with fighting back weeping like a wee lass? it’s fucking beautifull?” – Jon Goff

“Looks FANTASTIC” – Todd Downing

“I just finished watching the sneak peak of The Summer Home.. I want more! Beautiful and haunting, I love the silent exchanges between actors Wonder Russell and Paul Vitulli.” – Bridget O’Neill

If you haven’t seen it yet, why not test us? Just pledge $1 and watch the backers-only video. We bet you’ll be glad you did, and up your pledge!

Our new goal: $292 by Tuesday.

Our original goal reflected what we thought we could potentially raise, but still won’t cover our costs to finish the film to the highest level of quality. Let us tell you in our own words how very important this is. Here’s a hint: Two lines of dialogue, and live musicians. Sound is so important to this project, in fact it’s absolutely vital to tell the story.

(and please forgive my first attempts on the Flip! 😉


We need your help.

We’ve got just 5 days to go and $292 to find! Please, pledge to the project now if you haven’t done so yet, and share the link with your friends. Thank you for EVERYTHING!




PS Check out a new interview from Seattle film podcast, The MacGuffinCast!

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  1. I saw your video on It looks like a great film. I work for a royalty free music company you might not know about. has a cool set of features for adding high-impact royalty free music to your project. They are the only ones with this patented process that makes the music the exact length that you want. It works great, and saves a bunch of time.

    Good luck,

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