Nine Projects I Love

There are so many worthy film projects I’m backing right now, it’s difficult for me to RT them, post them, and rave about them as much as I want to do! So here for your curiosity, my handy guide to what I think is pretty spiffy right now in the crowdfunding world.

Before we dive in, a note on why I like crowdfunding: Being a part of something great. Making art happen. Making dreams happen. Spreading happiness and good karma.

I know many of us are crowdfunding our own film projects, but as John Paul Rice said, “Hoy por mi, manana por ti!” It’s a truism that good things happen when you spread good works. It only takes a few bucks to stand in solidarity with projects or filmmakers you admire.

Nathan Cole calls it like it is, saying, “Please do not ask for my support if you have not given my project any. Not to be a jerk, but really? Where is the motivation there? You are the only person with a special personal project?” in his interview.

I feel his pain and agree that it behooves hopeful filmmakers to invest in the projects of others, even if it’s just $5. Take a lesson from Director Gary King, who has backed over 40 projects on Kickstarter. Now that’s leading by example! 🙂

With that grain of salt, here we go! I hope you find one of these projects personally inspiring!

Dying to Do Letterman

What it is: A documentary feature’s Oscar campaign
Why it’s good: Hellooooo, Oscar campaign?! This is your chance to be a part of something huge. Besides that, it’s the only documentary on the list, and it’s a true story full of heart and courage. Need more reasons? It’s brought to you by the incredibly big-hearted and hard-working duo Joke And Biagio, whose drive to give back has led to video tutorials, a benefit screening, Final Cut assets, and a reputation as the poster child for a classy campaign. You should back them if only to learn from the masters.

Hands of Thunder
What it is: A feature film
Why it’s good: Swedish hand-clapping band?! Tight trousers? This feature is just ballsy – and not because of the fit! It’s just audacious. Plus I’ve seen a short these guys made and it was uproarious, bizarre, and ….weird. I expect MORE in a feature, and it starts with blonde wigs, as many dreams do. You HAVE to see their Kickstarter video.


What it is: A short film
Why it’s good: Three lady filmmakers found a script by Seattle geek goddess Jen Page. It’s gonna be good. The film stars a cast who are some of my favorites, including Ben Andrews and Trin Miller.

Room 13

What it is: A short film
Why it’s good: I know the writer/director Paul Eenhoorn, and he’s a smart and talented guy. I am excited that he’s making his own art and happy to watch this film become reality. I’m also quite taken with the plot – a prostitution sting targeting an Iraq veteran. It also stars more talented actors I know, including Ernie Joseph who I’ll be seducing in This Is Ours, and Trin Miller. Again. Love that girl.

Clowning Around

What it is: A short film in the UK
Why it’s good: Okay, clowns terrify me. The art direction I’ve seen so far probably heightens my fear. But again, this is a bold choice.  Plus Leilani, Graham, and the team are running a great campaign – thanking people and doing a great job with video updates, and I’m eager to see them succeed. Maybe they’ll even send me Jaffa cakes. 😀

Bobby Ellis Is Gonna Kick Your Ass

What it is: A short film
Why it’s good: The script won a pretty significant award at Slamdance, and I’m excited to see more. I love a story about sticking up to bullies – even if you think it means you’ll get pounded into smithereens. Plus, their goal is totally modest, and that’s awesome to see. They will make every cent count.


What it is: A short film starring Gary Busey
Why it’s good: Evocative. This film does a great time capturing a time and place in a young girl’s life. The title character is luminous newcomer Sophia Goldfarb, who I want to see more of. It’s an ambitious short for Seattle, produced by people near to my heart. Best of all, they’re asking only for finishing funds with a host of whimsical awards – go watch the video.

Down and Dangerous

What it is: A feature film from the Sabi Company
Why it’s good: So many reasons. I respect and admire filmmaker Zak Forsman for his clear vision and love for the craft. I love the personal touch on this project – it’s no coincidence that this film’s initials are #DAD. This film feels like a hit, and it’s exciting to be a part of. Still unsure? Watch the wonderful behind the scenes videos.

The Gears LP

What it is: A music LP! Surprise!
Why it’s good: Full disclosure, this is my cousin’s band, King Washington. And he’s damn good. I cannot overemphasize what a talented, charismatic musician front man/lead singer/songwriter Tyson Kelly is. This is an underdog story of a group of hopeful young musicians screwed over by the label that promised them a breakout LP, but instead held their recorded songs hostage for more than they could ever afford to pay. So they decided to record them again, on their own terms. That is a story that inspires me, every time.

Get inspired! I leave you with a quote from Dolly Levi about how money is like manure: “It’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around, encouraging young things to grow.”

If you are launching or have launched your project, think of how you can continue to inspire the folks who may end up green-lighting your movie. Feel free to tell us about your project and what makes it special, in the comments section below.

About to launch your campaign? Check out the 25+ success stories at The Crowdfunder’s Bible.

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  1. I have to say that after reading this post my look changed a bit. Ive supported a few projects between Kickstarter, and IndieGoGo, but not nearly as much as i probably could. So tonight, im checking in with my wife and asking if i can go drop $5 for some really deserving projects.

    I got permission from Miss Wonder to throw my hat in the ring. This is a great low budget comedy with hilarious characters that need all the love and attention of 5 year olds and about the same level of maturity.

  2. Just funded several of these projects. Super excited to see them get done. =D

  3. Great article! I’ve been thnkiing about crowdfunding. It is key to provide a good value proposition for your funders (at least with Kickstarter, this seems to be particularly true). As with any project, controlling scope is key.There are some intriguing possibilities to gradually scale your creative projects through a series of growing crowdfunding projects. Is crowdfunding charity or pre-sales or ???? what works better?(Please make it easier to tweet and promote good articles like this!)

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