The Collectibles Launch

In the green room with Falcor, the best on-set dog ever!

Last month, I had the pleasure of shooting The Collectibles, a new webseries that’s Superfriends meets The Office. We shot for two days – the weekend before I flew out to Germany for work!

Well here we are, a mere three days before I fly back to Germany for work, and I’m so thrilled to share with you the pilot episode of The Collectibles, which launched yesterday!

I play Shield Maiden, and had an absolute blast with this character. The production team behind The Collectibles just launched their Indiegogo campaign to fund 10 additional 10 minute episodes – essentially, 10 minute short films. If you enjoy the pilot, please tweet out or Facebook your support. We’d deeply appreciate it.

In character!


Want more? It’s easy!

-You can Like The Collectibles and see behind the scenes

-You can read my interview about becoming Shield Maiden

-You can be a part of the Indiegogo campaign

Thank you for watching!

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