Body of Work 2011

I’ve been blessed to work on some incredible projects this past year! This is a love letter to the directors who cast me, the writers who created the characters, the cinematographers who pulled us from the shadows, the editors who told the story the final time. Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart. I am truly grateful!

I urge you to check out and support the filmmakers behind these projects!


Connect To, 2011 (winner of 5 awards!) directed by Sam Nuttmann
This Is Ours, 2012 (just launched their KS campaign) directed by Kris & Lindy Boustedt
I Do, 2011 (showing in festivals now!) directed by Jaime Lee
The Collectibles, 2011 (currently funding!) directed by Todd Downing and Dan Heinrich
The Summer Home, 2012 (just heading to festivals now!) directed by Kris & Lindy Boustedt

Here it is! Many thanks to Lindy Boustedt for editing this for me!

(This will also go live on my Do Work page, along with a new clip – a scene from the Curse of Duncan Carbunkle)

FULL VERSIONS (The Lucas McNelly option)
-If you want to see full versions of Connect To, please contact me and I’ll get you a copy.
-For a full version of I Do, please contact Just2Me Productions.
-You can see the full webisode of The Collectibles – and stay in the loop on the other episodes I filmed! – by Liking them on Facebook:
-The Summer Home will have its cast and crew screening soon!
-This Is Ours is in post production. You can see the beauty reel here:

If you are a Director/Producer/Casting Director interested in full length versions, please message me and I will work something out. 🙂

I’m excited to be able to show the Summer Home in festivals, and This Is Ours will be going to AFM! I’m writing several scripts with plans to go into production with one of them early next year. I’m always looking to support other artists in independent filmmaking, and of course I keep auditioning. There are SO MANY people I ardently hope to work with! YOU are one of them!! 🙂 Have an idea? Message me and let’s make it happen!

THANK YOU for watching, I appreciate it so much! Thank you to all the professional artists who’ve let me pursue my fondest dreams.

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