Audition Advice: Celebrate

Casting call for black cats, Los Angeles, 1961...

Casting call for black cats, can you imagine? They're all "right" for the part!

Too many times, we get out of an audition and spend the time on the drive home raking ourselves over the coals. Does this sound familiar? We agonize over what we could have done better, why we won’t get the part, that one line we should have delivered like this, our laugh was too shrill, we didn’t laugh enough …

Next time you go out to an audition, I want you to celebrate. I want you to love yourself for putting in the time doing character analysis and memorization. I want you to give yourself a big ol’ hug for making the time to find the location and carving out the hour of time you needed. I want you to congratulate yourself for being called in to read – imagine if you hadn’t been called at all! You’re so lucky!

A few weeks ago I went in for an audition on a feature film. I prepped the sides. I was off book and knew all the lines cold. I could see the character in my head and feel her. But according to my inner critic (I call him Eyeore), it just didn’t go so well. Getting into my car, I fell into the usual litany of self-reproach. Just as I was buying into the Story of Why I Suck, I cut the inner conversation off completely. Instead I told myself, “You did great! You knew the lines, you looked professional, your headshot was great, you were early! You were called in! Great job!” All of these were true. Why wouldn‘t I be happy? On my way home I stopped in at Safeway and bought myself flowers. They adorned my coffee table for a week as a reminder of what I did accomplish. Everything is process.

In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron urges you to write this down and place it somewhere you can see it every day: “Treating myself like a precious object makes me strong.”

If our inner critic is free to beat us up at will, we lose heart and courage. Being kind and gentle, rewarding the good that you’ve done by pursuing your creativity, will make you flourish. Try it.

You were ready. You prepared. You did the work. You were called in. This is acting.


Congratulations! You’re in the thick of it.


Now go buy yourself some roses. 🙂

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  1. Well said, Wonder.

    One person sees a gold coin as money, another sees it as metal to be melted down. Both are correct. Who knows what the people in the room saw during your audition. Don’t try to get into their head. Let your performance exist for what it was. And then… Celebrate! =D

    I like the idea of a visual reminder of success. Simple and long lasting. Thanks.

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