Quick Hits

Quickly sharing this month’s key updates, and looking for YOUR feedback. Thank you for reading!

The Summer Home has its own website! Many thanks to Kris Boustedt’s bout with insomnia that created this. Click through to see our official trailer, now with color correction: The Summer Home

The Summer Home is Hollywood bound in April, screening at FirstGlance Film Festival Hollywood 12.


Connect To is headed to a festival in Seattle this month, as part of Northwest Film Forum’s American Film Week. We screen Sunday night, February 19th. You should be there if you haven’t seen this film (in Blu-Ray!) on the big screen yet.

We’re also returning to L.A. with this film mid-March, and will have details on that screening as soon as we’re allowed to say.


Revelation Film Project is in full pre-production mode including intensive rehearsals, guest instructors, locking our sound stage location (complete with white cyc wall) and bringing more key people onboard, like costume designer KD Schill.

This project is experimental and vast in scope. I’m looking for new ways to make the experience more interactive – possibly even a live performance by the actresses.

What film or art project have you seen recently that you felt really engaged you? I’d love to hear your thoughts and find out how to incorporate those.


Finally, girl fight. Yep, that’s right. The culmination of a 3-day workshop in Steven Anderson‘s class was this original 9 page scene written specifically for actress Lisa Coronado (Divination, All My Presidents, Revelation Film Project) was this unrehearsed scene. This was our second run through. Enjoy. VIDEO


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