The right to be loved.

Once upon a time, I saw a romantic comedy that was terrible and embarrassing, but I took away one great line: “Women get the relationship they think they deserve.”

No more being a victim – it’s in our hands. That’s a philosophy that I can apply to my work, and to my art (I earn success by making opportunities and supporting others; I find ways forward).

I started compiling my bill of Relationship Rights – a work in progress, to be sure!

I have the right to be loved
and love with my whole heart
I have the right to not be left without a discussion, or a mutual agreement to not seek counseling
and, the right to leave if that’s what’s needed
I have the right to not be dumped after my Dad’s memorial, nor within three months of any major life changing event, including death and weddings
we always have the right to take a break
I have the right to a husband who puts my needs first
and the right to be a wife who gladly puts her husband’s needs first
I have the right to be with someone who has superior communication skills and is open with their feelings
and who lets me communicate and be open to my feelings – even numbness
I have the right to not be victimized
nor to enable the victimhood of others
I have the right to make mistakes
so do you
I have the right to be forgiven
and to forgive

Of course there’s so much more to be said, like my right to wear pajamas on the weekends and all the rest of the little in’s and out’s of a loving, playful relationship.

What Rights would you add? Tell me in the comments!


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  1. You also have the right to be happy, and to have a partner who does not try to minimize that happiness, but rather, who will gladly be happy right along with you.

  2. You have the right to have a emotionally mature person. It’s easy to think that we can rescue the victim. That if we’re able to express true love, godly love, that things will change. It’s tempting, but it’s a trap.

    You have the right to have spiritual compatability.
    Does our relationship draw me closer to Christ?

  3. You have the right to be with someone who takes responsibility for their actions and for you to do the same. (not to pass the buck or be emotionally immature.)

  4. Darling Wonder,
    Drawing closer to Christ is always the way to true compatability in any relationship. When Christ is first, we follow His way to true love. Our hearts are with you and for you.

    With love from Gail and James Hudak

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