Let Me See Ya Do the Jane Fonda! Episode 3 with For the Glow

Welcome to Episode 3 in a series about my 21 Day Workout with For the Glow! This is a little sidebar from my usual musings on acting and filmmaking, to bring an honest account of my experiences in one of the actor’s biggest responsibility – physical fitness. I hope to inspire you or at least, make you laugh! Catch up on Episode 1 and Episode 2.

August 24  – August 27 (Days 7 – 10)

Friday morning I got a tweet from poor Jenn, whose detox blues found her breaking out in hives and battling a fever. Either of those by itself makes me feel like a giant baby. Saturday and Sunday we planned to have off while I was at an intensive acting workshop. Sunday night, I was just leaving class close to 11pm and exhausted. We bailed on Monday. That’s life.

Four days without a workout is pretty scary when you’re on a 21-day block, but I chugged healthy fluids (kombucha, water, fresh pressed juices) and did my best to eat well. Sometimes life demands extra attention – these workshops are notorious for being intense, but they only happen every three months. It’s a trade I’m willing to make – my goal just becomes, how do I fuel myself better?

August 29 (Day 12)

We take a few measurements today. I’m terrified. Four days off was a necessary hurdle but I’m scared – what if the workouts that came before aren’t enough? The dreaded numbers come in: My waist is the same, but I’ve lost an inch from my hips. A whole inch! That may not sound like a lot to you, but in the skinny jeans world it’s the difference between sizes! In 12 days and 8 workouts, I’m down an inch! I’m shrinking! Yay!

i put this here because it’s cute and has nothing to do with my real measurements

August 30 (Day 13)

It’s the day before PAX – the big Seattle game show, and when we show there, I’m on the floor before it opens and after it closes, every day. No workouts for me the next three days, so today I’m taking it out on Jenn – strapping on the Bad Kitty paws and punching her, yeaaah! *Grrrrowl hisss*

Hey, she asked for it. Really.

“You can hit me harder than that,” she said.

I was hitting as hard as I can!

Not really, but can you imagine, what if you actually hurt your trainer? What sweet havoc would she wreak on your unsuspecting corpus next session? I didn’t want to find out. But the cross-body punches were awesome, especially with the weights. I feel strong and athletic – a sensation klutzy-me doesn’t experience very often, and I enjoyed it through the burn.

The next day, my arms fell off and were replaced by pipe cleaners. Fuzzy!

Oh and….

i make sexy look easy

Eat your heart out Jane Fonda!

these aren’t even her real legs.

September 4 (Day 18 – gulp!)

Look, I didn’t want to out her, but Jenn was…..touching herself this morning. Mmhmm! Oh my! Specifically…her booty.

“My butt’s like a rock!” she crowed. There’s more of Rocky Road than of rock to my own derriere so far, but I’m getting there, thanks to Jenn’s moves I’ve dubbed Buns of Glow.

Side note: last week, I checked myself out in the mirror. C’mon we’ve all been there. I normally woulda busted out the high heels and boa. But I was surprised and delighted to notice a visible reduction in cellulite. Totally serious, based on my previous inspections, I saw a huge improvement. I could have pranced in that mirror all day.

We went through my food journal, in which I was able to at least scribble hasty notes during PAX. I resisted the donuts, but I fell prey to a Starbucks mocha and a few beers. Even after the show was over and I was back to juicing, this happened.

a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

In case you missed it, that would be spinach, maca, bee pollen, a nectarine, frozen grapes, coconut oil, cinnamon, nutmeg aaaaaand … Vodka.

I think I’m the first of Jenn’s clients to [admit to doing] this. I’m so proud.

Oh and while I’m bragging (sorta)…my #PlankADay reached a new personal best: 2:10, baby!

PS – on Twitter? Come #PlankADay with me! 🙂

September 5 (Day 19, oh noes!)

Getting back into cardio now that my schedule is smoothing out and my legs aren’t cramping up and I love it! I hate to love it, but I love it!

Jogging, burpees, high knees, squat jumps. I was a sweatball by the time it was over and it felt….good. I think I might actually be enjoying this fitness craze all the kids are doing. Who knew?! 🙂

This one is naughty and features 1/2 slice of provolone…mmm!

I’m also better with my nutrition and fuel. Breakfast and lunch the past two days were eggs fried in coconut oil with fresh basil and spinach …


…and a kale-chickpea salad with sweet onions, EVOO, and lemon.

Easy, breezy, beautiful, Cover Glow Girl.

My 21 days are almost up. Yikes.

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