Green Smoothie Smug Booty

I just finished a green smoothie (recipe below) so tasty, that I wished I had a spatula at work to finish every drop.

Am I a convert? Sure, but it’s not what you think. It’s not like this green smoothie tastes like it looks – which according to my colleague who saw me savoring every green gooey sip is “festering dog snot.”

Green smoothie! Spinach, romaine, 1/2 avocado, frozen mango, 1 nectarine, coconut oil, unsweetened almond milk, Vitamineral Green, bee pollen.

It’s actually delicious. Most people are surprised after being forced to sample my green smoothies. My conversion isn’t “dog snot is so tasty and you should eat it!” it’s more like, Hey, I really like this, and it fits in my lifestyle.

Look, I am the type to lie down on the couch until the urge to exercise passes, but lately I’ve experienced an awakening – flexing in the mirror, picking up a flyer from a nearby dance and yoga studio. My body wants to move. I even worked out by myself. What.

Unsupervised tabata?! WHO AM I.

I’ve made my own little discoveries too: How do I stop feeling so darn tired all day? Drink a lot more water. With lemon or ginger or cucumber slices or cayenne or whatever, but drink it.

I even started following non hipster fitness aficionados on Instagram, to stay inspired.

So what happened with my 21 day commitment? I did it. It ruled. I see changes – my arms a little slimmer. My friend Lisa noticed my waist a little smaller. I get better sleep, and it’s easier to get up in the dark for my morning workout. I’m turning into one of those people I used to hate “Oh I love it I get 7 hours of sleep and then run ten miles before drinking liquid celery!” I don’t know what to tell you other than it’s made a lasting impact on my lifestyle.

Here’s another thing:

Process. When process is only a means to an end, you’ll always resent it on some level. It will be an obstacle to your goal, not a pathway. The 21 Day Challenge changed my mind about the process of exercising. Did I turn into Jessica Biel overnight? No, I’m still me although there’s a little less of me (yay!). But the greatest transformation was my attitude about the process. I …. (deep breath)….I……..the process. I like working out.

(Mom? Mom? Call me as soon as you come to, that looked like a nasty fall.)

Being freaking awesome on the balance beam while doing sculpting moves.

Just because 21 days is up doesn’t mean I’m done. I’ll never be “done” with working out and green smoothies, any more than I’d be “done” with my day job or acting or ever brushing my teeth again after a 21 day stint. I actually really enjoy this new me and her new muscles.

Case in point: my family might go to the Florida Keys the end of March. Old Me would say, “I’ll start my diet and exercise plan on March 1.” New me says, “I’ll be even closer to my goal if I start now, and I’ll be happier in the meantime.”

I’m so proud of how enlightened I now am, I’m positively smug.

The more enlightened you are, the more you eat Brussels sprouts – in this case, roasted with mushrooms and bell pepper, tossed with EVOO, sea salt, and lemon.

I joyfully give all the credit to Jenn at For the Glow on this. She makes me laugh, she challenges me, and she believes in me, which is the most amazing thing a trainer can give a client. Not just killer workouts, a stop watch, and accountability, but actually believing you can do this and more.

Some day I may even smile in bridge like Jenn does.

So what’s next?  Two things. The Fall Challenge (I’ll be on a team – join me! Team Pumpkin Spice Girl IN YO FACE), and the promised before and after photos – dunh dunh dunnnnh! – coming the end of October.

I’m taking a month to implement more changes in my life and then I’ll show you my full results – just like Biggest Loser. Except for the job and personal chef. Thank you for encouraging me in this journey. Any time you want me to make you a smug green smoothie, you know where to find me.

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  1. I didn’t pass out but I did get a “WOW” chuckle! I am so proud of your “stick to it” determination, and “embracing the process” as someone we love was fond of saying! Yea for the new routine…life change/style. You are the beneficiary of your healthy choices!

  2. Wonder GANBATEEEEEE!!!!

    Love Roy and Tokiko

  3. YUM! Ill have to try it! Try this one:
    Is your blog on Facebook?? If so, “like” balanced peanut so i can follow you!

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