Cute Butt.

Do me a favor. Just keep telling me that.

Yesterday I did measurements with Jenn, the first time since I started working out with her in August 18. Less than 3 months later, I’ve lost over 3.6% body fat, and 15″ total from my frame! Take a look!

I’m enormously encouraged between these measurements and the “jeans test” (I’m down a size!) I don’t own a scale so the real proof is in how I feel – which is amazing.

I’m now in the fitness zone for bodyfat, and I’m headed to athlete for Ashland! (By the way, this is the last day to get into Jenn’s For the Glow community as a lifetime member – just like yours truly).

If you’re thinking of New Year’s goals, my advice for you is to start now – start today. You’re worth it, and you can do it! Cute butt, here we come. 🙂



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  1. Wat to go,amazing,terrific and so forth. Keep it up . you look great. Gail H.

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