New Short Film: See You On the Other Side

You may have heard me rumbling and ruminating on this already, if you follow me on Twitter or my Facebook page. And yes, it’s true. After more than two years, I’m diving back into filmmaking.

It feels really different this time around.
Unbelievably exciting yet vulnerable. I am terrified every time I send the script to someone, anxiously watching my inbox and obsessively combing through the script for ways to improve it. I guess it’s different because with Revelation, we leapt off the cliff on a non-linear journey of exploration. There was no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to make it, there was only discovery and beauty.


See You On the Other Side is a narrative short I’ve been working on this year, and there is a right and wrong way to do those, as anyone who has screened shorts for a festival (myself included!) will tell you. Trying to tell a complete story in a quarter of an hour is a challenge. Don’t let it become bloated. Every scene must advance the story and reveal more of the character. Don’t take too long, but also let it breathe, let the audience have moments of space between the highlights. I guess it’s really the same rhythm and music as a feature film, but the song is shorter, condensed, specific.

I am eager to make a feature, but this short needs to be in the world. I’ve felt almost…honored, if you’ll indulge me in saying so, to write it. Sometimes I would sit at the keyboard and know that this was something important I had to say. Ever feel that way? It’s pretty rare. I tend to be a “wait for inspiration to strike” type of writer, and this story has been burning down my brain since Summer. It gives me butterflies every time I tell someone about it.

Lisa Coronado, photographed by Dawndra Budd

Lisa Coronado, photographed by Dawndra Budd

I’m assembling a team to make this with me, and every addition has been the perfect piece of the puzzle. For now I can tell you that the incomparable Lisa Coronado stars, and I couldn’t be luckier to have her as sensitive, talented Magda in this film. She is also producing with me – and suggested the title!

I’ll reveal more about the film as we go. In the meantime, if you want to see the mood board I’m putting together, it’s over here. It will give you a sense of tone and inspiration.


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  1. Great to see you getting back into it!

  2. Wonder the only one surprised is the people who don’t know you!! You are a creative Wonder! That is why Mom and Dad gave you the awesome name and why I expect to see you soon on Broadway, Hollywood knocking at your door and all manner of recognition. One thing is for sure Dad is looking down from Heaven with a big happy smile on his face!! Rock on Girl!!! Merry Christmas from Vanuatu.

    Love Roy, Tokiko! Chrissy and Julian

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