Photoshoot: Once Upon A Boudoir

The peerless Dawndra Budd and I teamed up on a Saturday morning over mimosas to create a dreamland-inspired boudoir-style photoshoot.

The soft consciousness between being fully awake and fully asleep, when you’re still cozy in bed, warm and vulnerable, was a touchstone.



  Albeit, someone waking up who also has their makeup on. 🙂


I was eager to explore a strong sense of femininity, celebrating my curves and softness.

After a year or so of high-intensity acting roles, I was ready to show a different side of my personality.



Dawndra’s photography studio is in her high ceilinged attic, and at times I felt like a tousle headed Rapunzel gazing out her window to the world below, on the precipice of making the leap to freedom and a new life.



And of course, no shoot is every complete without a portrait with her bodyguard and best buddy, Bruce. ❤


  If you venture into the greater Seattle area, let Dawndra whisk you away to places most magical with her amazing portrait photography.

And don’t forget the champagne. 🙂


All photos copyright Dawndra Budd and may not be reused without her permission.

Follow, friend, and celebrate Dawndra on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

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