See You On the Other Side: origin stories

See You on the Other Side

 New Beginnings

My Dad died unexpectedly almost three years ago. The tragedy completely rocked my world and forever altered my life. Digging myself out of a hole of grief, and watching my mom battle depression and heartbreak sparked the creation of this film. This painful experience is intensely personal, but also profoundly shared with everyone else who has survived similar tragedies. When your heart breaks, the world’s heart breaks. And when you heal, the world heals too.

Me and Dad

Me and Dad

This film is about the magic within us all we think is out of our reach. Only when all is lost can there be a chance to start anew. Only in total loss can we evolve, beyond our ability to imagine. Only in finding our purpose again, can we survive.

Directing "Revelation"

Directing “Revelation”

I’m fascinated by the process of grieving and loss, how it profoundly changes us, creating new relationships and erasing ones we thought would last forever.

I’m making this film for everyone who has survived, for everyone who was forced into an alternate reality they never wanted; this film is for those of us taking back our power and refusing to be victims. This film is for believers and dreamers. This film’s purpose is to comfort the broken hearted, and encourage the broken-spirited. Making this film is a message to my community: You are not alone, and Love lives forever.

Love Is A Superpower

“See You on the Other Side” is a dramatic, modern-day fantasy tale. Young widow Magda grieves the loss of her husband by trying to contact his spirit. Uneducated but desperate, Magda’s attempts are driven by extreme anxiety and isolation, as a mounting ominous pressure builds outside her home.

When Magda is threatened with eviction, her desperation peaks and she accidentally breaks through to the other side. She is briefly reunited with her husband in an unexpected way, sending shockwaves through the community. The one thing she wants most of all, her husband, will cost the lives of dozens of strangers.

Her life-or-death choice activates a power inside her, forever changing the course of her life.

Lisa Coronado as "Magda"

Lisa Coronado as “Magda”

 A Work in Progress

 I am lucky to have a team of professionals, some of the best filmmakers in the Pacific Northwest, making this project in May 2015. They are absolutely phenomenal at what they do, and we share a common vocabulary and vision. I am excited and grateful to have them on the team.

Jonathan Houser, DP

Jonathan Houser, DP

This film will exist with your help. At 14 pages, we roughly need $14,000. I am spending my personal savings to bridge any gap in funding, and we are crowdfunding for a large portion. Those funds ensure that we don’t spend an extra six months slowly paying off productions costs in order to begin post production.

Previous festivals where we've screened

Previous festivals where we’ve screened

 What’s Next

Thank you for your time and interest in my next film. I know you have endless choices where to invest your time and attention (often our most valuable resources), and if you’ve read this far, I’m very grateful.

I want to inspire and delight you with this film. I invite you help us spread the word. Join our journey!





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  1. Wonder,
    Your dad was an amazingly beautiful and loving human being! At work and at leisure he was a leader and visionary that only now people are realizing how much he was ahead of his time! I am proud to have known him and to call him my brother!! Shine on Morning Star, your dad is smiling and I know he is very proud of you! Love always Roy Barnett.

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