Grieving out loud.

Grieving out loud.

I always used Twitter for fun chats and a quick way to share info, but suddenly it also became a way to capture a life changing experience in a few phrases.


A day later I was on a plane home. “Come now,” my Mom said. I left E3 and we had to completely shutter our company’s presence there. Family emergencies will do that.

Less than a week after that, my boyfriend at the time was also diagnosed with cancer.


At some point, your brain melts the wires that tell you which emotion is appropriate for the situation.
Giggling is the new shock. Helplessness manifests as retreat and silence.

That pain, turned inward, is natural but also dangerous. It can feel right to hole up in your cave like an animal to lick your wounds and wail; it also makes you feel like you can never bear human companionship again.

This is how I coped!

That’s where we meet Magda. Alone, and grieving, but about to find a way back to humanity.

And now, that’s our story – yours and mine. We’re in this together – and already 24% funded.

I’m headed to a rehearsal right now with our two leads, Lisa Coronado and Richard Sloniker.

Here they are the first time they worked together, on Z-Nation!


Thank you for your support! More on the way.


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