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Yesterday on our way to Seattle’s Northwest Film Forum to pitch this project, we suddenly and unexpectedly hit our funding goal and screamed and yelled on the streets of Capitol Hill!


Thank you to our amazing supporters and backers who make this dream reality!


Before we all get too comfy and while there are still 43 hours left, let’s talk about s t r e t c h goals.


The fact is, gentle readers, the funds for this project are closer to 15k. I plan to make up the rest with personal funds *cough credit cards cough* and that’s okay; I’ve done that before. But it would be amazing if instead, we could reach 20 new fans before Wednesday. That’s not that many…we have 192 followers and if you haven’t shared this project yet, maybe today is the day! After all, if you like the project, probably one of your friends will, too. We’re looking to build an audience of film buffs who want to see this film.

You could tell them, “A short film I’m supporting is getting made this year. Take a look and click follow to stay in the loop if you like your films with a good dose of magical realism.”

Or you could say, “My friends hit their initial funding goal! I love this project because it is close to my heart. Maybe you will enjoy it, too. Come take a look.”

Examples of stretch goals that aren’t covered by our initial funding:

* Catering for all the featured extras on the really huge day of filming

* Additional VFX

* Props and set pieces

* Website creation

* A venue for the cast & crew screening

* Location fees

* Production insurance

* Digital EPK and all BTS videos/interviews/on set photos


I’ve been thinking a lot about awesome movies I loved growing up that are kind of cheesy. Now let me clarify that I don’t think this film is going to be cheesy at all but do you remember Starman? Field of Dreams? I love films that make us think about love and magic in ways that are bigger than our reality, and yet grounded in intimate relationships. I found this image on Pinterest and my heart skipped a beat …


I talked to my Grandma today and she got choked up telling me she wanted to support this project because “it makes me think of my son!” That would be my Dad. We both had a sad and loving moment. The day my Dad passed, my Grandma was sleeping upstairs in our house. Wow it’s difficult to even type… I remember that awful morning, and my Mom having to go upstairs to wake up Grandma to tell her that her only son was gone. I’m not bringing this up to make everyone sad; I’ve received several heartfelt letters from our backers and supporters of loved ones they’ve lost. I told my Grandma that and she said, “All of us, all of us have lost.” She also told me she hoped this film would be a blessing to those who’ve lost loved ones. So do I, Grandma.  ❤


In case you missed it, we are super lucky to have some amazing awareness of our project with the West Seattle Herald, the No Totally! podcast, and the Film Reverie podcast. Click on all of them for the links! Big thanks to Amanda Knox, Shaun Lau, Michael Bekemeyer, and Bradly Kingston for reaching out to us and putting them together.


We send you big hugs and sunshine and wishes for a fantastic week! You’ll hear from us again before the clock runs out. Home stretch! Talk to you soon! ❤


PS haven’t seen our Seed & Spark page? It has even more updates! CLICK HERE

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