Love Walked With Us

We have been burning the midnight oil! Formatting hard drives, tech walk throughs, countless phone meetings, a two hour VFX consult with our amazing team in Australia, finding critical wardrobe pieces, making original props, locking last minute crew members, and buying extra toilet paper for the house we’re using as our location! 😉

We’ve got a lot left to do and it’s thrilling and terrifying all at once.

When things get too insane, I think about why we’re doing this. This is for the ones we’ve lost. This is for your friend, your Dad, my Dad, your grandson, your Mom, your Grandma. This is for the ones we didn’t get to say goodbye to. And, it’s for those of us who survived.


It’s to fill that ache in our hearts and the empty spaces in our rooms. It’s to celebrate their life by honoring their passing. It’s to remember, like this blog post says, that love became flesh and walked among us, and it changed our lives.

love became flesh_0.JPG

If I can hang on to this, I trust that everything else will fall into place. We have an amazing team, and our combined craft is a powerful anchor keeping us rooted in this mission.

In rehearsals, Lisa and Richard explored the relationship of their characters from a point before the movie begins. We’ve mapped out how they met, what their daily routine was like, what they loved about each other. Then, we worked on turning point in their lives, and dealing with a terrible diagnosis. Here is a clip:

Connected to the material, connected to each other, they are total pros. They are ready to let this story be told through them. And so am I.

Filming begins at 7am tomorrow. Please think of us and say a prayer if you’re so inclined! We’ll be wading in to the beauty, the stress, the joy, and the creation. I can’t wait.


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