Hello Again.

I’ve been largely off the grid (for me, at least) for quite some time. Oh, I’m still as big of a social media addict as ever, but my creation and personal sharing quieted. It took me some time, but I’m back, and I feel fierce and excited about that.

I’m here. My voice is here. And I’m going to show up using it. Thanks for being here, too. New here? Welcome! Has it been awhile? Welcome!

Hello again. So where were we? Deep breath. (That’s for me, but honestly, you might as well have one, too.) Here we go. Welcome and hello again. I have personal stories to share with you. Not just today, but day by day, honestly and with compassion. That’s how I want to use this site: to tell you the truth, and to set us both free in the telling.

To be honest, I’ve wanted to share many true stories with you before now, but something always stopped me. I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable. I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. I decided things were too private to tell a soul (other than a lot of people in person, I mean, but never in a blog).

Then I realized how much I miss the connection that happens when you pour your heart out on a page. Transformative moments have happened for me all because someone else bared their soul. And maybe this is selfish, but I want to provide that for other people, too, just as others’ words guided, inspired, and provoked me. (Yes, provoked! It’s good to get uncomfortable!)

The fact is, even as I try to stay out of sight, I need my messy, uncomfortable, boisterous process. Without it, I feel like I’m pretending in my real life — like someone who looks a little too perfect on Instagram, you know? So I’m showing up here for my own sake.

Thanks for being here, too. This is the perfect place to be yourself.


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