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Last year, I was assaulted in Paris. If you saw me on crutches for two months last Summer, that’s why. This isn’t necessarily a #MeToo story, though it could be. This is about what happened after.

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Starting at the beginning

A very good place to start! But perhaps I took this innocent lyric a little too seriously. I’ve always felt like to do anything successfully, you must start at the very beginning — literally. I’m the person who unfolds the steps and reads through them twice before assembling anything from Ikea (also because I’m awful at it and I’m desperate to not have to take it apart and reassemble it – reading the steps works about half the time here, let’s be honest I’m this is about self-preservation).

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Hello Again.

I’ve been largely off the grid (for me, at least) for quite some time. Oh, I’m still as big of a social media addict as ever, but my creation and personal sharing quieted. It took me some time, but I’m back, and I feel fierce and excited about that.

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