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Goals | Press | Inspiration

Yesterday on our way to Seattle’s Northwest Film Forum to pitch this project, we suddenly and unexpectedly hit our funding goal and screamed and yelled on the streets of Capitol Hill!


Thank you to our amazing supporters and backers who make this dream reality!


Before we all get too comfy and while there are still 43 hours left, let’s talk about s t r e t c h goals.
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Gary Austin’s workshop: highlights

This weekend I galivanted, played, cried, explored, failed, joyed, thrilled, danced, derobed, and foolished in Gary Austin‘s ever-amazing improv workshop.

In the rare moments I wasn’t on my feet, I had the opportunity to furiously tap out a few notes onto my phone, to share with you today.

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10 Tips for Your Acting Career

In Part I, Required Reading, I listed a handful of articles on filmmaking that I urge Actors to apply to themselves. In this post, I take it a step further, breaking down Sheri Candler’s Top 10 Tips for a Successful Film Launch.

Consider this the translated into actor action lists and call it…
Top 10 Tips for your Acting Career.

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Acting, The New Conversation: Audience Building

Note: This is Part II in a series that explores how Actors can think like a business owner and make greater strides in their career. Part I kicks off here with Required Reading.

Part II: Who’s Your Audience?

Success for indie filmmakers in great part lies in being able to connect with a loyal core audience rather than water down the message in order to appeal to the masses.

How does this work for actors? Who is our audience? This is a complicated question; we request audiences with casting directors, in order to be granted an audience with a producer or director, who will take our work to their audiences. Eventually, an actor also brings their own built-in audience to every screening. At this point you are or are becoming a name brand, one hallmark of a sustainable career.

Identifying your audience may indeed be the key to applying the new model to our acting careers. My suspicion, though, is that unlike Kevin Smith’s audience that continues to grow out of a loyal core, an actor’s audience evolves.

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