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Seattle Shorts Film Fest

Two of my short films, Lunch and Behind Me, screened in two blocks at the 4th Annual Seattle Shorts Film Festival here in Seattle, and I couldn’t feel luckier!

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The Artist

If you told me a year ago that a black and white silent film that featured dancing (but no Nazis) would sweep the Oscars, I’d call you a naive dreamer, a fool, a hopeless romantic.

Just one of the reasons I’m so happy the Artist won Best Picture of 2011, is that as the germ of an idea, it was the biggest risk to make. Can you guess how many studios would look at this script and greenlight it? Hollywood is risk-averse, and this film flies in the face of every convention.

“I knew because it was silent and black and white it would be different and original,” Langmann said backstage after receiving the best picture Oscar. “All the weaknesses in the beginning became strengths.” – Thomas Langmann, Producer

The  night I saw The Artist, I left the theatre with a song in my heart. The performances were sincere, the homage to the era harmonious, and best of all its story transported me – as all good art should. I laughed. I lost my breath at a few of the most beautiful set-ups. I shed tears. And I wanted to run home as quickly as possible (tap dancing the whole way) to hug my dog.

Congratulations to the makers. May we all be lucky enough to have our impossible dreams be realized on the silver screen!


The Crowdfunder’s Bible

UPDATED July 13!

Wouldn’t that be great if someone made that into an e-book? Right now, there are lots of articles online, but they’re spread out across many sites. And, everyone’s experience is going to differ slightly; are you raising $1,000 or $100,000? Are you using Indiegogo or Kickstarter? Or are you baking lemon bars?

A film student here in Seattle approached me last week to talk about crowdfunding. She’s writing a paper on traditional and new financial plans for films, and wanted to hear my take on things. Well, I’ve had some experience with Connect To and Summer Home, but it’s still limited to no-budget shorts. This hardly makes me an authority. But I do have a few great links I send to people every time and say, “Start here.” That’s what I did today – I sent her all my links and told her to read up before we talk in person, so we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

I’m including them here, a comprehensive how-to of first hand experiences and tips from the crowdfunding world. Do you have a favorite article to share that I haven’t read? If so, please link it up below!

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