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Behind Me: A short film by Rebecca Pugh

I online-dated Rebecca  and then we made sweet movie magic together.

Sorta. 😉

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Introducing: ASHLAND

ASHLAND is the third feature film by filmmaker duo Kris & Lindy Boustedt (This Is Ours, The Summer Home, Perfect 10). I’m honored to be part of it.

As things progress, I’ll update you on the role I have in the film. Check out the whole team and our respective projects. We are going to blow the roof off 2013.


It’s here.

Go deeper on the official website.

Revelation was ultimately made out of a pursuit of the love of process. It was created as a gift, to ourselves and to the arts loving community. It’s available online. If it gives you a moment of beauty, if it touches you, please pass it on and share those moments with another. Thank you so much for being an integral part of Revelation’s journey.

Director’s notes from our sold-out premiere at Teatro Zinzanni:

What is Revelation?

A revelation can occur to you, or it can come from within the your own heart. It can arrive like trumpets and timpani, or with a still small voice. A revelation changes your world.

 Six wordless micro-short films explore the moment of epiphany – the space between what was and what is – through generative movement, from the perspective of six actresses.

 Each microshort is intended as a stand-alone piece, that when viewed together transcend the individual experience and touch the universal. Follow the journey from its coming of age origin, through gaining a sense of power, the discovery of loss, the love for family, the wisdom of experience, until final microshort that encompasses them all – that this mortal coil is but a dream within the dream we sojourn here on earth.

 Revelation was created in ensemble work over several months in Spring 2012, and filmed in two days. Our script was ourselves – our hopes, fears, vulnerabilities, strengths, dreams, and desires.

 Thank you for joining in our journey!

~Wonder Russell


Revelation Trailer

My new project, Revelation, a short film about epiphany, premieres online for all on 10.17. The trailer just launched! Enjoy! May it give you goosebumps. 🙂

Revelation: Trailer from Revelation Film Project on Vimeo.

Interview with Doom Cheez: Where does Revelation come from?

It was really important to me to break down a revelation into its parts – the inception, the realization, and the denouement.  I wanted to see a shift in everyone’s character – the world before and after their revelation.  It was an amazing process, largely because the actresses were so fearless.  They were game to try every weird exercise I came up with, and played full out from a non-judgmental place.  Every rehearsal was like a playground.  Very magical.

Read the rest online at Doom Cheez Cinema!
Follow the project here.


New project: Revelation film

I’m happy to announce my next project, an experimental short called Revelation.


I’m blogging about the process (and how you can be invoved), here:

You can also Like us on Facebook.

This is a creative process I’ve yearned for, and I love the dynamic exploration it calls for. I won’t be acting in this one – I’ll be directing and producing – and I have six extremely talented, expressive actresses committed to the project who will blow your mind.

Excited to bring you more behind the scenes. I’m striving to make this as transparent a process as possible, so if there’s anything you want to see or know about, just say the word.



Connect To: A short film

November 2010, we shivered and shook in the cold, shooting our short film Connect To in just two days. We debuted in February 2011, and since then, this sweet, wry, spunky film has shown in 9 festivals and won 5 awards, including Best Regional (Tacoma Film Fest) and Best Drama (in Short films, FirstGlance Film Fest).

And I’m thrilled to be able to put it online for you today, for your free enjoyment, forever and ever on the web.


Thank you to our amazing cast and crew, especially co-Conspirator, co-Producer and lead actress Lisa LeVan, Director Sam Nuttmann, Producer Paul Vitulli,  Post Production team Kris and Lindy Boustedt, and composer Eric Goetz (whose work won 2 of the 5 awards!)

This film marks my first foray into producing my own work. Summer Home is already heading to festivals in 2012, and I’m developing future projects. It’s safe to say, I’m addicted.

Thank you for watching, and if you enjoy it, please share it with others. It was made for you. 🙂


Acting, or Acting Out?

Some of you know that I  often host tweet-up’s under #AGYST on Twitter. AGYST is an acronym for “Actors Get Your Shit Together.”

I had the opportunity to witness some very bad behavior on a recent project — classic AGYST. Anecdotes like these are why AGYST started. From these firsthand experiences, I devised this handy measurement of your on-set professionalism.

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The Sound of our Vision

People who’ve seen the first 8 minutes of Summer Home said…

“Wow. All I can say is, wow. It was reallllyy hard for me not to outright sob throughout. Can’t explain why either. Really excellent work you guys. So intimate.” – Lisa Coronado

“um. can i just say i love it? you are making me all gushy while i was taking a break from mixing a hard core rap rekkerd? i’ve now lost all my edge? i’m losing my composure and battle with fighting back weeping like a wee lass? it’s fucking beautifull?” – Jon Goff

“Looks FANTASTIC” – Todd Downing

“I just finished watching the sneak peak of The Summer Home.. I want more! Beautiful and haunting, I love the silent exchanges between actors Wonder Russell and Paul Vitulli.” – Bridget O’Neill

If you haven’t seen it yet, why not test us? Just pledge $1 and watch the backers-only video. We bet you’ll be glad you did, and up your pledge!

Our new goal: $292 by Tuesday.

Our original goal reflected what we thought we could potentially raise, but still won’t cover our costs to finish the film to the highest level of quality. Let us tell you in our own words how very important this is. Here’s a hint: Two lines of dialogue, and live musicians. Sound is so important to this project, in fact it’s absolutely vital to tell the story.

(and please forgive my first attempts on the Flip! 😉


We need your help.

We’ve got just 5 days to go and $292 to find! Please, pledge to the project now if you haven’t done so yet, and share the link with your friends. Thank you for EVERYTHING!




PS Check out a new interview from Seattle film podcast, The MacGuffinCast!

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