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10 Tips for Your Acting Career

In Part I, Required Reading, I listed a handful of articles on filmmaking that I urge Actors to apply to themselves. In this post, I take it a step further, breaking down Sheri Candler’s Top 10 Tips for a Successful Film Launch.

Consider this the translated into actor action lists and call it…
Top 10 Tips for your Acting Career.

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Acting, The New Conversation: Directors as Audience

This post is a continuation of Part I, Required Reading, and Part II, Audience Building.

Part III: Directors as Audience. PMD for Actors?

Picking up where we left off …

Directors as Audience

Now this is an audience I want most of all. I actively follow the work of many film directors, and nothing would make me happier than if those directors were also aware of my work. This is still a frontier as far as social media contacts go, but the more I think about it, the more I’m determined to find a way to cater my online presence to directors and filmmakers.

Resources for connecting with your audience (directors in this case) are good works we should all be doing anyway. In this post, I want to throw you for a loop a bit. You’ve heard it said over and over “it’s who you know,” right? Well, maybe it’s not.  I want to look at the game from another angle: “It’s who knows you.”

Think about it. You might follow your favorite director on Twitter and be aware of his wit and work, but does he know you? No. I want to fix that. Because who I know isn’t going to get me on his next project. I want him to know me.

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