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Love Walked With Us

We have been burning the midnight oil! Formatting hard drives, tech walk throughs, countless phone meetings, a two hour VFX consult with our amazing team in Australia, finding critical wardrobe pieces, making original props, locking last minute crew members, and buying extra toilet paper for the house we’re using as our location! 😉

We’ve got a lot left to do and it’s thrilling and terrifying all at once.

When things get too insane, I think about why we’re doing this. This is for the ones we’ve lost. This is for your friend, your Dad, my Dad, your grandson, your Mom, your Grandma. This is for the ones we didn’t get to say goodbye to. And, it’s for those of us who survived.



My Grandma, on my Mom’s side.

I keep missing her.

I keep missing her as in, I’ll think of her, and then realize a piece of my life-puzzle is gone, a piece out of my Christmas can’t be found, error message 404.

We see our future like the definition of a line: it has a definite beginning point, and extends infinitely. Intellectually we know we’ll die one day, but it’s always way out there, both for ourselves and for others we know. It’s difficult to recategorize someone as from now on, only existing in your past.

No memorial is planned. So this is mine.

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