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Last year, I was assaulted in Paris. If you saw me on crutches for two months last Summer, that’s why. This isn’t necessarily a #MeToo story, though it could be. This is about what happened after.

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The right to be loved.

Once upon a time, I saw a romantic comedy that was terrible and embarrassing, but I took away one great line: “Women get the relationship they think they deserve.”

No more being a victim – it’s in our hands. That’s a philosophy that I can apply to my work, and to my art (I earn success by making opportunities and supporting others; I find ways forward).

I started compiling my bill of Relationship Rights – a work in progress, to be sure!

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Live Into It with Courage

A new year. A new slate. A fresh page in a new journal. A chance to build on what came before and be more than you once were.

I love New Year’s, and I love New Year’s resolutions.

In December I filled pages with reflections on my acting and filmmaking, my involvement with my community, my spiritual center, my health. I took quizzes and pored over the Artist’s Way for additional insight. What did I want to do that was impossible? I added it to my list. What did I want to do that scared me? That went on the list too.

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