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Booty poppin’ and Bat squeals: Episode 1 with For The Glow

Welcome to Episode 1 in a series about my 21 Day Workout! This is a little sidebar from my usual musings on acting and filmmaking, to bring an honest account of my experiences in one of the actor’s biggest responsibility – physical fitness. I hope to inspire you or at least, make you laugh!

August 15 (warm up day 1)

I can’t sleep for anxiety, and I bounce out of bed with weird cheerfulness. Falcor is totally unimpressed and doesn’t even raise his head from where he’s snuggled. Jerk.

It’s my first warm-up before a series of 21 workouts with Jenn at For the Glow and yes, I’m nervous. It’s been a rough year, and working out has been on the back burner. Heck, it’s been behind the whole stove, hidden out of sight with dust bunnies and dead moths.

It’s me-time now, and time to unearth a better Summer body. Better late than never, right?

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